The “Z” Virus

It’s a race against the clock to find the cure for this zombie outbreak.

The Zombie apocalypse has swept across America wiping out millions of people. You are one of the last known survivors and it’s been years since you’ve come across other uninfected humans.

During your travels, you come across another group of people scavenging for supplies and searching for shelter who say that they are close to finding a cure, but they need your help. Your goal is to team up with your new found partners and find the antidote to the disease and then return back to your group on the other side of the forest. Can you get there in time?


6o mins



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The "Z" Virus: Trying to Find the Cure

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2nd Place Escape Room Niagara Falls NY

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The "Z" Virus: Trying to Find the Cure Room Review's

2nd Place Escape Room Niagara Falls NY

Dana D.

Chris and his staff were very helpful, professional and nice. We went as a team building activity and we plan on going back. Great experience!

Tori H.

Best escape rooms I’ve ever been to!! Good prices and friendly staff. My whole family loved it!

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